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Los Angeles Football Club Project

Major League Soccer
in the City of Angels

The Project Team:

Thai Nguyen        Matthew Wolff        Tue Nguyen

First came the Aztecs. Then the Galaxy...
Now The Los Angeles Football Club

The Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC) is the newest Major League Soccer club serving the greater Los Angeles area. Its ownership group is comprised of local leaders and global influencers passionate about Los Angeles, and passionate about the World’s Game. The home for the Club will be the first, new open-air stadium in LA since 1962 and boasts a 22,000-seat capacity.

Capturing Los Angeles

Diversity, creativity, strength, community. The City of Angels is unlike any other city in the world, from the ever-present sun and beautiful beaches to the lure of Hollywood, it captures the imagination of all. It is a global city with an economy built on entertainment, media, fashion, science, sports, technology, education, medicine, and more.

Understanding the Market

There is no shortage of things to do in LA. The city has 7 professional sports teams, two baseball, two basketball, two hockey, and one Major League Soccer club. How do we spark a new conversation about a new team in a city full of busy sports fans?

Voice of the Fans

From day one, the Club has been committed to listening to supporters. #BuildTogether is not just a hashtag, it's a commitment. Early in the crest development process, the Club reached out to supporters to understand what colors would best represent Los Angeles, and what colors would make the city proud. This was the “colors campaign”.

Creating the Brand

The inspiration of our entire development and design process was the timeless characteristics and iconography of Los Angeles. On our creative team is Angelenos, who take great responsibility in creating an icon that will be worn on the hearts of the people of this city. From wings, to Art Deco, to the “LA”, to the glamour of Gold, every element of this crest is “of Los Angeles”. We know LA will last, and our hope is that the city will embrace this crest as its own. Thank you LA for this privilege.

Spark Creative House would like to thank Henry Nguyen, Peter Guber, Tom Penn, and Rich Orosco for their collaboration on this project.

"The wing is really the heart and soul of this crest. It represents the City of Angels, but it also captures the ambition and dynamism of this city taking flight."

Henry Nguyen
LAFC Managing Partner and Owner

"Our goal is to create one of the next great icons of LA."

Tom Penn
LAFC President and Owner